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I have been on a bit of a personal financial journey over the past few months. I have had many self limiting beliefs about my finances when I started this journey. There has been a lot of negative self talk I struggled with before I started this journey.

  • I will never pay off my student debts. How could I be so stupid to take these loans out?

  • I will never be able to retire comfortably.

  • I don’t even know how much money I would need/want to retire with.

  • Setting a budget is like restricting my spending. It’s like dieting and it’s hard to stick to it.

  • I need to be wealthy to have a financial planner.

  • How am I to accomplish my financial goals as a single mama?

The list goes on but one major thing I have learned, and I’ve been learning a lot, is that there is this sense of control over my money that I’ve never had before! That feeling has been so empowering!! Budgeting is not restricting. In fact, it gives you the power over where your money goes!

I’m still in the early part of my journey and eagerly learning as much as I can. I can celebrate making some big positive changes that are not only impacting my life, but the lives of my children!!

The one thing that really clicked for me was determining my why. That actually came pretty easy. My kids! I want to provide a comfortable life for them, instill important values around money, and be able to give more.

As I geek out over all I’m learning, I’m happy to share my story, what I’ve been learning, and tips and resources I’ve picked up along the way.

There are many goals to be crushed over here. I will leave you with some of my favorite financial sentences I’ve jotted down as I’ve read books, listened to postcasts, and watch videos on.

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