Mental Health Journey

Mental health is a journey, not a destination.

I have attempted to take care of my mental health for years. Many half hearted attempts. I tried therapy, self help books, more selfcare... you named it, I tried it.

What I was neglecting was my relationship with God. I was halfhearted in this area of my life as well. God never faltered in pursing me. Even after I disregarded his promptings.

The gentle nudges lead to a build up of circumstances that lead me to what I would describe as my rock bottom. I was broken and ready to give up on my life.

But what happened next was a pivotal moment. I finally turned to God fully and laid everything at his feet. I begged and pleaded for help. Surrendering my fears, pride and ego.

And I listened. Very intently.

I stopped drinking, went to treatment for my alcoholism, and got into a routine of regular mental health care. I committed completely to reclaiming my life and my soul.

It’s be over 2.5 years since I stopped drinking. I still see my therapist bi-weekly and plan to do so for as long as we both see the fit. I am also attending many amazing circles at @thehivemn that focus on topics like healing your inner child, working on abandonment issues with healing hearts, understanding myself better at the everyday empath, and building my confidence through workshops at the hive!

It is a beautiful journey that I truly don’t ever want to end. I will keep fighting for my mental health, fighting to reduce the stigma and to break generational cycles of unhealthy behaviors. For myself, and my family, my friends and for anyone who feels like they are wanting to give up on life.

Looking at where I am today has far exceeded what I thought possible. I thank God each and everyday for never giving up on me, for constantly pursuing me when I was too stubborn and prideful to listen.

I am here for anyone who is struggling. I hope my story finds those that need that little nudge, to not give up, and to ask for help. It feels scary and if your stubborn like me, just know, it gets easier with time.

You are not alone! You are loved! And the world needs you more than you realize!

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