Practice The Pause

Recently in our home, my son had made a comment about how when I responded to him, it sounded like I didn’t mean what I said. It broke my heart to hear this.

What was happening at that moment was the typical mom multitasking brain. I was trying to cook dinner, pick up toys, check the email that came through from school and redirect my preschooler from jumping off the couch. Typical mom chaos coordinating is what I like to call it.

I immediately sat down with my son to apologize for sounding like I wasn’t excited about what he just shared with me. I explained how sometimes I am doing too many things at once and am distracted. We discussed how sometimes when he’s watching tv he’s distracted and doesn’t hear me when I ask him something. I said I have to ask him to pause so he can listen. The light clicked for him.

He goes, “mom, when I need your attention I can say please press pause.” I said that’s a great idea! And it has been a game changer!!

Anytime I hear those three little words I am instantly aware I need to stop what I am doing, pause, and listen.

There are times in our lives that we might be busy and distracted. We might need a gentle reminder to press pause, and that’s ok! The season of life I am in, I need to extend this grace to both myself and my kids. The important thing, in my opinion, is that we are present and listening when our loved ones need us. And if we can’t stop right at that moment, we can acknowledge that our attention is requested and we will be available in a moment.

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