State Certified Peer Support Specialist

I am overjoyed to announce that I am officially a Certified Peer Support Specialist!!!

I started my journey into recovery on July 22nd, 2018. The first steps were absolutely terrifying and there were many challenges along my path. There were so many people who walked alongside me to support, encourage and cheer me on. One person in particular was Heather. She didn’t know it at the time, but I watched her take her recovery journey to help others find hope and healing along their recovery journey. I was so inspired to find a way to do the same. In July of 2020, in the middle of a pandemic, the The Hive went from a dream to a reality! I had learned through Heather that I too could become a Certified Peer Support Specialist! I applied right away and patiently waited for my acceptance into this program. A few weeks ago I finally received the call that I was accepted!!

What I learned over the past two weeks was that I am more equipped and capable than I thought! There were so many challenges that I faced outside of this training that could have derailed me from successful completion this program. Never the less, I persisted.

I want to thank the peers in my training who I feel I learned the most from. They are courageous, compassionate and empowering warriors who inspired me in so many ways. I want to thank our instructor who gave us so many tools, shared so vulnerably, and encouraged us to find the confidence in ourselves. I want to thank my boyfriend for his compassion and encouragement while I navigated a pretty tough two weeks. I want to thank my children for their flexibility and understanding. I want to thank my dear friends at the Hive for leading the way and creating such a dynamic team that I’m so blessed to work with. I want thank my family and friends, who have always loved and supported me through my mental health journey. And finally, I want to thank God for all the challenges and blessing he has given me. I wouldn’t be here today without his steadfast love and his never ending grace!

Taking this class has helped to equip me with more tools to continue on my recovery journey. I learned more about mental health challenges in these past two weeks than I had learned in the past few years. I have found more tools and resources, gained confidence in myself, and found even more inner healing that I didn’t realize I needed.

My dreams and hopes for the future feel more attainable. I’ve longed to launch into my business more full time as I truly believe this is what God has called me to do. I want to be apart the change that is so desperately needed in mental health. I want to continue to break cycles, eliminate the stigma around mental health and be an example that there is hope in recovery.

Recovery is possible! There is hope! And you are not alone!

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